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 Post subject: A Haunting : Part 1
PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:44 pm 
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A while ago a movie was made concerning a haunting that for me carried an unusual amount of credibility, not because of the credible witnesses, yet rather the spirit of which the “haunted” have yet too lose their fervor for unexplained events. Statements that ring true, 20 plus years later.

The events were witnessed by a lot of people - (I don't have a laundry list but I am still digging)
Now, if you are of the weak kind of spirit, please please stop now. It as rough story as it is ghostly.

Power, or you may cause it energy. The action of which makes the statement “Things that go Bump in the night" a reality.

August 22, 1974, in Culver City California is where we start: The player's involved are:

Dr. Barry Taff, Kerry Gaynor (Gaynor-is the assistant.) First off one would notice a house disheveled, (Trashed, but I am trying to be kind here) Halloween houses just wish they could replicate.) Relationships between her male children could be compared to watching someone attempting to ice skate on concrete. Yea, it was said to be that bad. Our first fateful day was witnessed by some thirty investigators crammed into a small room. (Bedroom). This all being before the paranormal community could field more teams than the NFL.

Doris Bither our resident “Attackee” the architect of the “Haunted, Horded, Love Lacking” home of 11547 Braddock Dr. Culver City CA. made some truly horrific clams, none of which had to do with parenting or housekeeping. Actually much worse. She was being raped and controlled by three entity's. (This statement has a much better overview in part II)

There are some situations that need to be addressed here. One being the horrendous verbal abuse the young men were suffering under the care of Ms. Bither. Another was that Doris was ever so familiar with the open end of a whiskey bottle. (A drunk)

This leads us back to day one of the investigation.
Doris was asked to what she thought would be the best way to conger up the “unwanted” guest. So, she started screaming obscenity's with a pulsating passion and crudeness that would have ran amok with any regular persons sensibility. Yet prior to anyone being offended or maybe even having time to do so, a manifestation came alive. The cursing suddenly seemed living in it's natural habitat if noticed at all. Live or maybe just Un-dead, a green mist in the corner of the room begin to manifest. Inside the mist an upper body was materializing inside the fog -- a muscular torso seemingly male could be seen.

It was reported that one of the reporters dropped to his knees and fell face forward. Passed smooth out. There were cameras on location. Yet, all that was recorded was a arc of light over Doris' head while she sat on the bed.

Things continued to happen:
So, here is were we end, at the beginning of our posting session concerning - this haunting.

There is a lot more to come and some interesting takes from different communities.

Have a blessed day,

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