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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:07 pm 
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Up until I was about 11 years old, ghosts were just a thing I saw on Scooby-Doo! Then one day it all changed...

I was around 12 years old at the time (~1986-1987)... Myself and a friend had been out riding our bikes around the miliary housing area we lived in... When we got done, we headed over to my house to play some games. My parents were out with my brother, so I unlocked the door and my friend Trace and I went charging thru the house heading to my room... Trace was in front, when we reached my room the door was closed. He opened the door and to both our surprises, there in the left hand corner of the room directly in front of my 72x72 board with my train set mounted to it was a 'mist' in the shape of a human. We were able to see-thru this mist but at the same time make out that it was human in shape and appeared to be wearing a white shirt with overalls. The figure was tall, probably right around 6ft 2in. It began vanishing within just seconds of us spotting it.

We both froze for a second, screamed and went flying back out the house... When we got to the yard we discussed what we'd just seen. Turns out we had both seen the same thing!! Trace took off, heading home shortly after all the excitement. Terrified, I wouldn't go back in the house, so I sat on the porch until my parents got back home.

About an hour or so later they returned, I explained what happened and of course, got the response that I was seeing things, my mind was playing tricks on me, I shouldn't joke about things like that, etc... I was baffled, wondering what or who it was and why it appeared in my room - for I know what I saw! I was truely scared to sleep in my room that night... All I could do is replay scenes from Scooby Doo and just got more and more freaked out... But, somehow managed to fall asleep, all the lights in the room on, of course!

The next day was sunday, a pretty quiet day - I had yardwork to do, so I spent most of the afternoon outside in the blazing Texas heat... When I was done, I went inside where I was approached by my mom... She had been thinking about my so called 'story' and was asking a few more questions about it... When all was said and done, she pulled out a picture from the 1940's of her dad. Turns out he was a train conductor for the british railroad most of his life!! The black and white picture she showed me had him standing at a station, overalls on with a white shirt.

I should have been able to figure it out myself, but it just never clicked... Turns out this ghost story was likely my grandfather visiting to look at the train set I had put so much money, time and effort into. It was a full 'HO' and 'N' scale train set, complete with working power lines, light up trees, buildings and variable speed controllers so both trains could run different speeds at the same time, passing over bridges, pulling to the freight yards for pickups and so on... I have to admit, I miss that thing, I was a massive hobby of mine as a kid!!

My mom's theory was that he was visiting to look at what I had been working on, since it was basically his life's work in the real world... I was honored after I found all this out and definately welcomed return visits, which we have reason to believe did occur, we just never physically saw the apparition from then on.

This is one story, the first time I encountered a paranormal experience... Since this time i've been fascinated with the paranormal, not really doing anything with it until 2006 when I decided I wanted to investigate the paranormal world in full... It was at this time I pulled a base team together and we started forming what is now North Texas Paranormal Research Team (NTPRT)...

Please post your stories, i'll add more of mine here soon, there are quite a few that occurred after this one, that still continue to this day :)

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