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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:39 am 
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I had my mom write up her experiences-

My friend Susan and I have had the opportunity to participate in a couple of activities, the first being our visit to Catfish Plantation. Susan, her husband Mike, my husband Tom, and I drove to Waxahachie to have dinner. The restaurant is located in an old Victorian styled house that was built in 1895. The original owner was Will Anderson, a farmer who died in the house in the 1930s. He is said to haunt the front porch area of the house. He is believed to be responsible for some of the cold spots that have been detected in the restaurant as well as radios changing stations, doors locking and unlocking themselves. The Waxahachie police have even reported seeing him on the porch after hours, but when they stop to investigate he suddenly disappears.

Caroline is another spirit that has been detected on numerous occasions. She is believed to be the most active of the three ghosts at Catfish Plantation. She was a woman who lived in the house with her husband and children from 1953-1970. She is thought to be unhappy with the constant flow of strangers through her house.

Elizabeth was a young woman who was murdered on her wedding day in 1920. It is believed that she was murdered by her rejected suitor. The odor of roses seems to be connected with her. She is thought to be responsible for some of the cold spots as well. She has a tendency to materialize and stand in the bay window at the front of the house. Many guest of the restaurant claim she has reached out and touched them.

I believe it is Elizabeth that may have visited us (tongue in check) at our table on our visit to the restaurant. We were eating dinner, seated in the area of the bay window, and I felt something cold on the back of my arm. I was embarrassed to say any thing, afraid they would think that I was imagining it, and a little afraid that I was. I was looking around to find a logical explanation, i.e. an air-vent, air leaking around the windows etc… It was Mike, Susan’s husband, and resident skeptic, who had the most dramatic reaction. A few minutes, if that long, after I felt the cold Mike jumped and his eyes got real big. Susan asked what was wrong. He at first tried to play it off, but finally said, “Didn’t you all feel that”. When we asked what he was talking about, he said something cold had hit his face. We all laughed and Susan was particularly pleased after the comments he had made to her. We settled down and went back to eating. A few minutes later Mike jumped again. At first he wanted to deny that anything had happened, but he admitted to feeling the cold again. I forgot to mention that we were sitting right in front of what are now the bathrooms. This is the area that is supposed to be haunted by Elizabeth . This is the area in which she was killed.

While we were waiting in line to be seated we had read the comments of the other patrons, most of which were so outrageous that I was determined not to repeat them. What we experienced, or at least what we think we experienced, could not be scientifically proven. It is not testable, it is not replicable, nor does it meet many, if any, of the other scientific standards, but it happened. We experienced it.

The second part of our adventure was our trip to Jefferson and it was GREAT!

We had so much fun planning for it, experiencing it, and reliving it. We made reservations in October for rooms 18 & 19 of the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson , Texas . We began making plans at that time as to what our strategy for this field study would be. Sally and Terri both profess to have psychic abilities. Susan claims to be undecided, but since she also claims to have a ghost in her house that she has named Brad, I do not think I could call her really objective. I was considered by the group to be the skeptic. I did not, nor do I now, deny the possibility of ghost and other apparitions. I just want to be assured that it is due to supernatural rather that “natural” or human enhanced causes.

Reservations made, we began to focus on the project at hand. We researched the area and the hotel making use of the many varied Internet sites. Information gleaned from these sites included the facts that the building was built in 1851 and originally houses a cotton warehouse. It passed through several hands and has been a dance hall/brothel, a restaurant and then a hotel. & It is considered by many to be the most haunted hotel in the most haunted town in Texas . This is an impressive statement when you considered that Steven Spillburg left the Excelsior Hotel, which is across the street, in the middle of the night because he was so “spooked”. According to one site there are suppose to be seven “nonpaying” guest that reside at the Jefferson Hotel. Laura is the ghost that is suppose to inhabit room 19 (Terri and Sally’s room). Recurrent Localized Apparitions reportedly seen include the “whispering lady in room 14, the cigar smoking, knicker-clad man in room 5 to the infamous resident of room 19 who likes to flush the toilet and turn on the water.” Not only is the hotel said to be haunted, but the whole area is believed to be active. It is claimed by the locals that the native Caddo Indians haunt the surrounding dense forests. There is also a location, known as Murder Alley, were in Jefferson wild and bawdy riverboat hey days bodies were found dumped on a weekly basis. Many eerie happening have been reported by those brave enough to venture there after dark.

With all this information we felt pretty comfortable with our basic knowledge of the history of the hotel and the area. Next we turned our attention to the materials and equipment we would need to take with us. Terri spearheaded the compilation of the list. Items included on the list were: 35mm cameras (we had 200, 400, and 800 speed) a video camera (we had one for each room), tape recorder (we had one for each room), compass, flashlights with red lenses (we had several), lots of film and tapes, watch, cell phones, walkey-talkeys, notebooks/pens, batteries, candles, and wind chimes. In addition to the list Terri borrowed a thermometer that had a laser light that you could point at an object to get a reading on that object and Sally and I brought digital cameras.

We left from Susan’s house about 10:30 headed for Jefferson . We had four hours to share stories about our various PSI experiences and to get to know each other better. We arrived at Jefferson around 2:30. We were under impressed with the exterior of the hotel and wondered about whether or not we wanted to stay there after all (they were re plastering the exterior and there were several broken and boarded up windows). Our fears were not alleviated when we pulled around the back to find that the hotel shared a courtyard with the jail and that the prisoners were in the back, in their orange and white stripped uniforms, working on some machinery and grilling dinner. After several minutes of nervous humor, and a prayer for protection by Sally, we finally piled out of the van and went around front to the lobby. The lobby was a pleasant surprise. It was cheerfully decorated with antiques and quite acceptable. The desk clerk was friendly and we left feeling much better.

The first business at hand was lunch as it was already 3:30. After a quick but tasty break we got down to serious business- shopping! Before breaking up we made plans to meet back at the hotel at 5:00. When we were assembled we went out to the van to carry in our things. I mention this because on our way back in the hotel, I tripped and fell really hard (does this automatically qualify me for an A, pain and suffering don’t you know?) and was pretty sore and moving slowly afterwards. We finally hauled all our belongings and equipment into our two rooms, rooms 18 and 19. We checked out all the equipment, discussed how we would use them and then spent some time reading through the journal they keep at the front desk in which guest record their PSI experiences. The journal told of many happenings in room 19, but not so in room 18, much to Susan and my relief. At some point I hit record on my tape recorder, but forgot to switch on the on/off switch on the microphone. Despite the fact the microphone was not switched on we did hear some strange noises. Mostly you could just hear the whirling of the audiotape, but on two occasions were heard a sound that sounded something like ice clanking in a glass. It could have been just an anomaly in the tape, but we were open to any interpretation. The next event was just after we discovered the clanking sounds. Susan and I were each sitting on our own beds, Sally was sitting in a chair at the end of Susan’s bed and Terri was sitting on the floor near by. I smelt something that smelt like a sweet scented tobacco, maybe a cigar, but more probably a pipe. When I mentioned smelling it Susan admitted that she smelled it too. Neither Sally nor Terri smelled it, even though we were all sitting within a ten-foot radius. The really strange thing about that incident is that Susan and I both suffer from chronic sinusitis and have virtually no sense of smell.

By this time it was 8:30, and while none of us were really hungry, we were afraid not to go ahead and eat as we planned to stay up very late and Sally and Terri were not planning to sleep at all. We headed downstairs to eat at the Italian restaurant in the lobby. I told the other three to go on ahead of me because I was moving so slowly due to my fall. I was coming down the stairs one at a time, both because of the discomfort and because I was afraid of falling again. I got about ¾ of the way down the stairs when I heard someone sigh very heavily and very loudly right over my right shoulder. I turned to apologize for being so slow only to find out that I was the only one on the stairs. I was completely shocked. I did a double take a looked back over my shoulder in both directions. The rest of my descent was somewhat speedier than the first part. When I entered the restaurant the others were already seated. Someone asked if I was O.K. that I looked like I had seen a ghost. I told them that I had at least heard one, and to feel the chill bumps on my arms. The hair on my arms was standing up as well. At this point I was beginning to wonder if, because I was the skeptic in the group, I had been singled out as the one to prove something to. We had a wonderful dinner, accompany by great music from a live performer. While I was sitting there I had the strangest reaction. I started shaking like I had an advanced case of palsy. I guess it was a delayed stress reaction.

After dinner we decided to walk around the town a bit even though it was quite dark. The town was so small and quaint that it seemed safe enough. First we walked out to the parking lot to get something out of the van, flashlights I think. From there we walked to the back of the parking lot where there was a grassy knoll (we all know you can not be to careful around grassy knolls). This was the first place I recall Sally and Terri getting excited about and wanting to leave, stating that they felt an evil presence. At first I have to admit that I thought they were being a bit dramatic and over-reactive as Susan and I felt nothing what so ever. Later we came to be more appreciative of their abilities. We then walked across the street to get a better view of an old railroad bridge that for some reason had drawn Sally and Terri since we drove into town. We then walked back the other direction, past the hotel and down less than a block when we came across an old brick building. Being the genealogy addict that I am, and having the Masonic heritage that I do, I immediately recognized that it looked like an early Masonic Lodge. Susan and I went up to investigate with our flashlights. There was a historical marker there identifying it as a Masonic Lodge built in the 1850s and later sold to another organization I had never heard of (Knights and Ladies of the Myrtle). It subsequently housed a few different mercantile businesses. Once again Sally and Terri had bad vibes and would not come close. Unbeknownst to Susan and I, they took pictures of the area and the building although it was very dark. We then continued on our little walk, checking out several old and interesting looking buildings and taking a small self guided tour of the Excelsior Hotel with Sally taking pictures all along the way. We then returned to the rooms. In looking at Sally’s digital pictures we could see that she had picked up some orbs at the lodge, and the bridge. Interestingly, the area that Sally and Terri felt so uncomfortable about at the back of the parking lot turned out to be the bank of the bayou directly across from Murder Alley. I have a healthy, new respect for Sally and Terri’s intuitions.

Meanwhile back in the rooms, Terri resumed reading the journal. She found several references to words that would appear on the mirror in their room. She did not say anything, but asked Sally to return to their room with her. In just a few minutes she was back, very excited, telling us to come quick. When I saw the mirror I immediately knew, and said, that it was a hoax. The mirror read, “Judy Help redrum”. My first suggestion was that they had marked on the mirror with soap or Vaseline to keep them from fogging up. We washed it off and buffed it dry and the words reappeared. We then took the mirror off the wall to examine it more closely, front and back. We still found nothing. I tried to explain to them how a mirror was made and that they probably doctored the glass before they glazed it. Later when we were trying to show the image to another guest in the hotel and a couple of the employees we could not get the words to reappear. After about 30 minutes we gave up. Some time after they left we again tried and the words popped right up. This was the only time my confidence in the fact that it was a hoax was shaken. After we got home the guest we had been trying to show it to contacted Sally and told her she had figured it out. She thinks they used window defogger. She tried it at home and got the same effect.

By this time it was almost 1:00 AM and Susan and I were ready to try to get some sleep. I have to admit that I had a hard time trying to go to sleep, which I had not anticipated, but then I had not anticipated hearing a “ghost” either. We finally fell asleep only to be awakened a few minutes later by a door slamming against a wall and the sound of footsteps running down the hall and then the stairs. A woman was screaming, “Help me! Somebody help me! For God’s sake help me!” We ran to the door to see what was happening. All of the other guest did the same. The door across the hall was open and we were not sure if something had happened to the women’s husband. I was elected, since I am a nurse, to go in and check if everything was O.K. There was no one in the room. Curiosity got the best of us and we all went down to the lobby, nightclothes and all, to check things out. It turns out that it was a domestic situation. After trying to shove a sandwich down his wife’s throat the husband chased her down the hall and into the lobby with the knife from their dinner tray. The police were called and when they questioned her she told them that he was armed with a gun. She was moved from the room across the hall from us to another location. My fear was that he would return, and when he found her gone, start shooting up the place. At this point I was far more afraid of the living than I was of the dead!

Needless to say, we had a hard time getting back to sleep. We did set the video camera on night setting before retiring, for which I am very grateful! Susan and I were really nervous and hearing every little sound. At one point we saw a square box of gray light with something black moving inside of it. About six inches below and about nine inches to the left of the gray light was a crystal clear white light. I was fairly certain that the gray light was a reflection from the eyepiece of the camera, which it did prove to be. I cannot explain what the black figure that was moving around in it was as the room was pitch black and no one was moving. We never did figure out where the white light came from, but later it moved to the adjacent wall and then seemed to disappear all together. These were the sights and sound we could see with our eyes and hear with our ears, but in viewing the tape after returning home, it became clear that there was much more going on in that room than we were able to tell at the time. On viewing the tape I saw multiple, 20 plus, orbs shooting through the picture and zipping all around Susan’s bed. These orbs were of different colors and sizes, but were spherical in shape, and came from many different directions. I cannot find any logical explanation for these orbs. I know I did not to create or enhance them on my film; in fact, no one could have been more surprised than I when I discovered them. At least twice the sound of something hitting the microphone was also heard when Susan and I were in our beds and nowhere close to the camera. I have tried to conjure a reasonable explanation for these hauntings, but there does not appear to be any.

Susan and I were finally able to unwind enough to go to sleep. As it turns out I was a big mistake on my part. I had the worse nightmare I have had in years! I dreamt that something had seriously injured Susan and it was after me. I was scared, but I was frantic to get help for Susan. I could not actually see Susan, as everything besides me was a deep dark chocolate brown, but I knew she was there and injured. This, in itself, is unusual as I normally dream in “living color” and my dreams are just an extension of my day. It seems I run out of time and energy to solve my problem during my waking hours so I continue to work on them in my sleep. This dream was entirely different. I keep trying to scream for help, but rather than screaming, “HELP” I was trying to scream, “0350”. I was so scared that my throat was constricted and I could not get a sound out. Finally I was able to squeak out a tiny “0350”. According to Susan it was not such a tiny sound and it was more like I was speaking in tongues. I scared Susan to death! She had trouble getting me to wake up. She was too frightened to move, but she keep calling my name and asking if I was OK. I finally answered, “I don’t know” in a very strange voice. She was afraid I was possessed. She said she was about to call for help over the walkey-talkey when I finally came fully awake. I told her I did not know why I was trying to scream “0350”. I do not know if it was our room number, our phone number, or if because I am dyslexic that I messed up “911”. I do know that I was drenched with perspiration, and unable to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and only then because I turned on the bathroom light and left the door ajar.

Meanwhile in room 19, Terri and Sally were busy trying to conjure up a ghost. They remained awake all night, which in my mind was a logistical error. They left their room periodically during the night for a duel purpose, first to stay awake and second to encourage the ghost to make her appearance or at least to make her presence known. Sally went so far as to verbally invite the ghost to make her presence known on the tape. One of the times they left the room upon returning Sally said, “We’re back” and it was immediately followed by a raspy whispering voice repeating in a very sarcastic tone, “We’re back”. Both women adamantly deny that it was either of them and they say they were shocked when they heard the voice on tape as they had not heard it at the time.

At 8:00 AM Susan and I were awakened by the sound of the bathwater running in Sally and Teri’s room. Susan commented that at least one of them was awake. We went ahead and got up. We called over to their room on the walkey-talkey to see if they were ready for breakfast. They said they would be over in just a few minutes. We waited quite sometime before Susan went to check on them. They were both still asleep. They quickly got ready and we went across the street for breakfast. While at breakfast they were sharing with us about the events of their night after Susan and I went to bed. They told us that they had indeed stayed awake until 6:30 when it got light outside. They said they were a little disappointed that we had not sleep in as they could have used the extra sleep. We said we would have if they had not awakened us when they turned on the bathtub. They looked confused and said they had not turned on the bathtub, in fact they had neither one been out of bed since they went to sleep at 6:30.

The last notable event happened as we were leaving the hotel. We were among the last “paying” guest to leave the hotel. Most of the door to the rooms stood opened and we were checking some of the other rooms as no two rooms are alike and they are all furnished in antiques of various styles. There was one particularly pretty bed that drew our attention. We turned on the overhead light to get a better view only to see a filmy patch on the wood that appeared to have something written on it, although none of us were able to decipher it. We all took pictures, but I think the one I took with the lights out, using 800-speed film, was the only one that showed the image.

We were able to debunk the writing on the mirror in a fairly quick manner. It was just so obvious that it was a fake that we actively searched for a cause. It is more difficult to explain the sound I heard on the stairwell. It is possible that the hotel could have placed a microphone, hidden somewhere in the staircase, in order to excite the guest and promote business. I cannot prove that they did, nor can I prove that they did not, I just know that when I experienced it I got quit an unexpected thrill. I can find no explanation for the multiple pictures taken by Sally, Terri and I that have definite orbs in them. These were taken with 35mm cameras, digital cameras and a video camera. None of us possess the skills or knowledge to “doctor” the pictures. The apparition captured by Sally in their room also defies explanation by any non-paranormal means. While I believe Sally and Terri that they did not produce the second raspy voice on the audiotape, it would be difficult to prove to anyone else. I am sure that any skeptic would assume that they had produced the sound.

After this incident we loaded the van and headed for home. We got about 5 minutes from the hotel when we remembered that we were going to say another prayer before leaving the hotel so we did not accidentally bring home any “uninvited guests”. Rather than returning to the hotel, we decided to look for a cemetery in which to leave the ghost. We ran out of town before we could find one. We were debating whether or not to return to the hotel when I saw a sign and did a quick U-turn. We conducted our prayer in the parking lot of “Couter’s Spirits” liquor store. Laura may still be partying with the other spirits at Couter’s even as we speak!

I must say it was quite an eventful trip. We experienced hauntings, captured orbs both on video and still film and on digital cameras, and saw Recurrent Localized Apparitions, and all in less than a twenty-four hour period of time!

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I would like to read some of this on our podcast!!

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I have been there as well I think the Catfish is pretty good as well...

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