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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:40 pm 
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A Quick EVP History:

In the 1920's Thomas Edison (inventor of phonograph, batteries, film projectors, light bulbs and more) began announcing a plan for a device that would "allow communication with the next world". He quoted for American Magazine:
Now what I propose to do is furnish psychic investigators with an apparatus which will give a scientific aspect to their work. This apparatus, let me explain, is in the nature of a valve, so to speak. That is to say, the slightest conceivable effort is made to exert many times its initial power for indicative purposes. It is similar to a modern power house, where man, with his relatively puny one-eighth horse-power, turns a valve which starts a 50,000-horse-power steam turbine. My apparatus is along those lines, in that the slightest effort which it intercepts will be magnified many times so as to give us whatever form of record we desire for the purpose of investigation. Beyond that I don’t care to say anything further regarding its nature. I have been working out the details for some time; indeed, a collaborator in this work died only the other day. In that he knew exactly what I am after in this work, I believe he ought to be the first to use it if he is able to do so.

Edison spent years working on this invention, reportedly making strides but never finishing the project. Few claimed to have seen this 'machine' that Edison continued to work on until his death in 1931. After his death numerous organizations went 'looking' for the plans to this invention or even hoping to find prototypes, but no trace has ever been found. In 1941 a seance was performed by two of Edison's associates - reportedly contact with Edison's spirit claimed the machine was completed, but never worked... In a later seance, Edison reportedly provided changes to the 'machine' so that it might work. In the late 1950's the Edison machine was not heard of any more, it has never resurfaced - making the first possible means of EVP recording a great mystery!

Thomas Edison

The first true EVP recording of spirit voices on tape was achieved by Drayton Thomas in the 1940's, who captured an audible, disembodied voice during a seance. In the early 1950's Attila Con Szalay claimed to be able to hear disembodied voices in the air around him, he started researching EVP with a fellow enthusiast Raymond Bayless. They created a few devices to record 'evps'. One included a 78rpm record cutter and player, which was a failure. None-the-less, they continued their efforts using a device Bayless invented that was a box with an interior microphone resting on a old-fashioned speaking trumpet. The microphone cord came out of the box and travelled to a tape recorder. This device yielded success, with almost immediate whispers being captured from within the box. Later Von Scalay would continue recording with an open microphone connected to an old reel-to-reel recorder.

Drayton Thomas

In the very late 1950's Friedrich Jurgenson, a bird watcher, was out recording bird songs in some woods near his home. When he played back his tapes, he discovered strange fragments of human speech on the tapes. He was positive no one else was around when recordings were made. He noted that the voices often had improper structure and bad grammar, syllables were stretched in a way that made some hard to understand. He held regular conversations with voices, recording questions and searching for answers later during playback. His conclusion was that the tape recorder acted as a form of electronic communication linked to the realm of the dead. He published a book in 1963 called "Roesterna Fraen Rymden" (Voices From The Universe).

Friedrich Jurgenson

There was a spike of interest in EVP that hit in the 1970's and 1980's following the release of a book "Voices Of Eternity" by Sarah Estep. Estep is the founder of American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena. She ran it from 1982 to 2000. In 2000, Tom & Lisa Butler took over operations of AAEVP and continue working with all types of EVP from around the world. The Butler's have degrees in Psychology and Electronics Engineering.

Sarah Estep / Tom & Lisa Butler


Classes Of EVP:


Since the early 1980's, The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP) has had a defined a scale for EVPs.

    * CLASS "A" : Can be heard and understood without use of headphones or special equipment. Typically most listeners will hear the same thing and agree on what is being said.

    * CLASS "B" : Can still be heard and understood, but requires very careful listening, normally through headphones to be able to understand content. Not everyone will agree on what is being said.

    * CLASS "C" : Requires extremely careful listening and often amplification and filtering of some type. Words may not be understandable and may be fragmented. Most will not agree on what is being said.

Most EVPs our team has come across are "CLASS B", although we have been fortunate enough to capture a few "CLASS A" recordings here and there!

Sources: internet research, self experience & knowledge, American Ghost Society, World ITC, various sites from around the globe.


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